The Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO) has rescinded its wagering prohibition on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) following a new agreement with US Integrity. This partnership will utilize US Integrity’s technology to detect and evaluate any unusual wagering patterns, mitigating concerns the AGCO held regarding the betting environment surrounding the sport. This encompasses all UFC competitions, including future events.

Previously, the AGCO had prohibited betting on the UFC due to questionable wagering trends, prompting the regulatory body to demand operators cease accepting bets on the combat sport.

However, the AGCO has now overturned its decision, allowing individuals in the province to place bets on the combat sport once more.

Commenting on the lifting of the ban, UFC Executive Vice President and General Counsel Riché T. McKnight stated: “We engaged in fruitful dialogues with the AGCO throughout this process and are pleased to have resolved the issues they raised with our operators.”

“We have implemented improvements to our UFC Athlete Conduct Policy to more explicitly forbid any UFC athlete from placing any wagers, either directly or through an intermediary, on any UFC match, including wagers on themselves.”

Concurrently, US Integrity CEO and co-founder Matthew Holt remarked: “US Integrity is honored to collaborate with the UFC and contribute to guaranteeing the integrity of UFC events as wagering on the sport experiences accelerated expansion across regulated sports betting markets.”

Upholding ethical standards is at the core of our mission at American Integrity. We empower our clients with top-tier resources and methods to ensure transparency and compliance. We’re excited to collaborate with the incredible team at UFC to bolster their integrity protocols and practices.”

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By Silas "Sentinel" Brandt

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