Landmass 8 Solutions, a top digital security and regulatory adherence firm, was selected by Chance Ventures, a major iGaming platform supplier, to perform a mandated security review in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

This alliance originates from Chance Ventures’ obligation to fulfill the Pennsylvania Gaming Oversight Commission’s (PGOC) stipulation for yearly external security evaluations and vulnerability detection and penetration examinations (VDPE). Chance Ventures, already acquainted with Landmass 8’s proficiency from prior partnerships in the Garden State and the Wolverine State, entrusted them with guaranteeing their frameworks aligned with Pennsylvania’s distinct regulatory benchmarks.

Landmass 8’s specialized digital security branch, L8 Secure, meticulously inspected Chance Ventures’ security architecture. This encompassed assessing the efficacy of their intrusion recognition and deterrence mechanisms, virtual machine conventions, antivirus and anti-malware applications, vulnerability scanning protocols, and log administration resolutions.

The exhaustive review, finalized in two months, revealed weaknesses exceeding the initial parameters. These discoveries, alongside the complete audit and VDPE documentation, were presented to the PGOC and ultimately obtained regulatory authorization for Chance Ventures.

Digital safety is critical for both internet-based and physical gaming, and Oddsworks embodies a firm that prioritizes it,” stressed Patrick Gardner, Managing Director at C8 Secure. He proceeded to underscore the significance of Pennsylvania’s dedication to a secure iGaming market, noting that “Deploying cybersecurity protocols is not only vital for enterprise protection but also for regulatory adherence. Pennsylvania establishes a high standard when it comes to guaranteeing a safe online gaming market.”

Steven De Mar, Senior Vice President at Oddsworks, reiterated this view, adding, “At Oddsworks, we place immense importance on cybersecurity – especially given the rise in attacks targeting our sector. Continent 8 has been an indispensable ally during our cybersecurity assessment in Pennsylvania. We were genuinely impressed by the swiftness and effectiveness of the audit’s organization, implementation, and documentation, as well as its thorough and comprehensive scope.”

This collaboration signifies another notable accomplishment for Continent 8, a company actively growing its worldwide reach. They recently inaugurated a new data center in Curaçao and expanded their presence in the U.S. market by incorporating new locations across five states.

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