The Australian media watchdog is taking action against illicit wagering platforms, directing internet service providers to restrict user access to a number of websites. Platforms such as Lucky7even, 50 Crowns, and Zota Bet are some of the newest additions to the prohibited list. Since initiating website blocks in 2019, the ACMA has blocked over nine hundred gambling websites and services. They’ve also canceled over two hundred operating permits for illicit services in that timeframe.

These websites frequently target Australians with unlawful wagering choices such as internet casinos, slot machines, and sports wagering. The ACMA also pursues platforms operating without a permit or offering unregulated services.

This enforcement action follows a cautionary notice issued in December to several operators, including Mad Entertainment and Paloma Media, for breaching the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act. Furthermore, it’s not just the smaller companies facing scrutiny. The Australian wagering sector is undergoing a transformation, with industry leader bet365 also under investigation by AUSTRAC for possible infractions.

At the beginning of this month, AUSTRAC, the financial regulatory body of Australia, took decisive action against multiple corporations for failing to comply with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulations. Brendan Thomas, the agency’s director, delivered a stern caution, asserting that enterprises lacking adequate protections are essentially inviting criminal enterprises.

Furthering the series of controversies, the Royal Hotel situated in Wollongong received a substantial penalty last week for a multitude of infractions concerning gaming ordinances.

In a development that reverberated through the business sector, Adam Rytenskild, the Managing Director and CEO of Tabcorp, was compelled to step down due to accusations of improper and abusive language. Although Rytenskild maintains he has no memory of the alleged occurrences, the mounting pressure resulted in his prompt exit.

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