GG.BET, a well-known platform for wagering on esports, has partnered with celebrated Dota 2 commentator and expert, Andrew “Jenkins” Jenkins.

This collaboration will involve Jenkins crafting exclusive material for GG.BET, encompassing unique programs and video content, all while maintaining his usual broadcasts on Twitch.

Recognized for its dedication to backing top-tier esports personalities, GG.BET’s alliance with Jenkins, fondly called the “most engaging 8000 MMR maker” by enthusiasts, demonstrates their commitment.

As a GG.BET representative, Jenkins will present distinctive live streams and programs on his Twitch channel, showcasing special visitors, interactive diversions with viewers, and exhibition matches with various teams. His viewership can also anticipate exclusive incentives and offers from GG.BET.

The collaboration commences on September 8th with a competition on Jenkins’ Twitch channel where supporters can forecast the victor of The International (Dota 2’s largest competition) for an opportunity to secure substantial rewards provided by GG.BET.

Subsequently, on September 19th, immediately following The International’s regional qualifying rounds, prepare for the debut of “Secret Immortal,” a program backed by GG.BET. This captivating program will showcase a mystery participant, “the Immortal,” who will compete against nine other players. Spectators and participants will need to utilize their Dota 2 expertise to unveil the identity of the concealed professional player among them.

Andrew Jenkins expressed his enthusiasm for joining forces with a company deeply rooted in esports, emphasizing their mutual love for Dota 2, commitment to producing high-quality material, and dedication to a vast esports audience. He believes their partnership will bring a novel outlook to Dota, engaging experienced competitors and captivating new enthusiasts.

Their agenda encompasses a blend of virtual and in-person gatherings, showcasing Dota 2 exhibition matches, enjoyable get-togethers, and other engaging happenings.

As background, Jenkins manages two YouTube channels and a Twitch channel with a collective following of 350,000 subscribers. He is recognized for his astute analysis and commentary on prominent esports competitions like PGL, ESL, and The International. However, he’s not solely an analyst – Andrew is also an active professional Dota 2 player, presently competing under the alias “Gremlo” as the offlaner for the North American squad Arkosh Gaming.

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