A massive 70% of Australians desire the removal of betting commercials from their television screens, as per a recent survey. The Australia Institute, a prominent think tank, surveyed over 1,000 individuals nationwide regarding the prohibition of specific advertisement categories, and it’s safe to say gambling didn’t receive favorable results. A mere 11% expressed contentment with the continuation of these advertisements.

Apparently, Australians are largely unified on this matter, with males and females, both young and old, generally concurring. Even the excitement of the footy finals, a period when these commercials typically intensify, failed to alter opinions.

This surge of resistance is generating considerable discussion within political circles. Victorian Member of Parliament, Zoe Daniel, is spearheading the movement, advocating for stricter regulations and a renewed investigation into the marketing strategies employed by sports betting companies. She harbors particular concerns about the normalization of gambling, especially with advertisements prominently displayed throughout sporting events such as AFL and NRL.

A significant issue arises when young individuals discuss accumulator bets, attempt to acquire wagering applications on their mobile devices, and even engage in speculation on the results of national elections.”

Nielsen statistics indicate that in 2021, the gaming sector in Australia allocated approximately AU$287.2 million, equivalent to US$196.9 million, towards promotional activities.

Furthermore, this study examined the marketing strategies employed for tobacco products, nutritionally deficient consumables, alcoholic beverages, and non-renewable energy sources.

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By Silas "Sentinel" Brandt

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